​Break out 

that branded voice box

and scream mute

Scream mute

Scream mute

Break out the box

Break out bust free

You bigger than Nike

You more than strategic marketing

targeting audiences

content to see you satisfied

in the white noise

beat boxing your brain

You too big to be consumed

You the coliseum in makeshift rooms

You the mute screaming 

verses but not too well

You the mute screaming

but no one can tell

how your voice pushes beyond the barrier

Pulsing sonic boom

Coliseum in makeshift room

Scream mute

Scream mute

Stop imagining boxes 


before the sky turned blue 

​i sat at your feet

counting the hairs on your legs

(two hundred thousand twenty-four)

rather than the number of times you blinked when looking to me for answers


one time. 

i never asked, that one time,

why your head shifted in rhythm to revolution

possibilities tilted your axis

but i couldn’t hold your world in my hands

i couldn’t God for you

i could only hide from you

and count the flutters of dazzling wings 

as you looked to me to to shift your axis