i wanted a sega dreamcast 

​If we were to study the decisions that people make to win video games, would we discover a correlation to the decisions they make in their lives? That’s a stupid question. But will you give me the data? Upon request. Is that for public knowledge? 
I never got into video games. Money had to go to other places.  The games I had never really challenged my imagination. There were too many rules. I didn’t like the sensation of trying again and again before I could win. The Lord had to teach me patience. 
Sonic the Hedgehod was my shit. SuperSonic was the man. Anything hit Sonic and he lose every coin he collected. SuperSonic was untouchable, cheat codes to get the best of it. In real life, there ain’t no code and life hits you and you sometimes lose every coin you just raced to get. Do the level over, you almost made it but suddenly you forget about the monkey in the tree. Or the moving spikes beneath your feet. Damn. You were almost there but just keep going. You’ll finish no matter the coins. Don’t keep redoing the level. Sometimes your best don’t pay you well enough. Just keep going, you won’t regret it. You’ll  just count it as a blessing that you made it at all. I’m Sonic the Hedgehog. Still trying to be Supersonic. That damn monkey in the tree threw that banana again. Getting knocked on my ass, indeliberately chronic. There goes all my coins. I could go back, but naw, its best if i just keep on going.


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