My Take On “Eye Candy” 

It seems to me that legs open,greedily, bearing hanging flesh like temptation And the between places require religiosity to make them holy since the sun don’t shine below the navel 

The sanctum of broad thighs poised like pliable tree trunks Offering inedible fruit insatiable to taste And eyes taste almost as well as buds on wet flowers that bloom in mouths when legs open, greedily, awaiting deliberate hands to tease the fruit ripe with denial



​I voted out of fear

of who this nation is

under the kumbaya of all lives

and equality and freedom

and justice for all lives

Not because I had the right

But because the wrong 

has the power

Because the wrong

has the freedom

Because the wrong 

does not have the right

to still my voice

I voted out of fear

Not out of hope

because this country does not hope

for freedom’s liberty and statutes

of decency are shrouded

by flags that stripe red

with bloodshed