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Amber Alert

I painted her. But who is she? What’s her name? Where did she come from? Whoever she is…i hope God answers her prayers. Hope she smiles more. Hope she feels the love she puts out. I hope she’s a miracle waiting to happen. I hope she sings. Hope she sounds like Corinne Bailey Rae and Jill Scott made a baby. I hope she writes poems. But only for herself. Only to heal. I hope she realizes how powerful she is…simply because she’s woman. I hope she celebrates her melanin. I hope she accepts her body just as it is and still feels sexy. I hope she loves being nude. I hope this woman is real. I hope she’s real because I’ve never painted a portrait…and when I do..it’s her. But I don’t know who she is.


​There was angels with black wings and angels with white. Their faces always resembled light. The black winged angels asked God why He created man. God said, “Why do you think I did?” The black winged angels said in unison, “To have something else to love.” But the leader of the white winged angels stirred up his peers and said, “Tuh! Ain’t no way. God aint need nothin’ else to love. That’s why we were created. God, tell them. You wanted something else to test your power on. Tell them.” That white winged angel beamed at his insight. The opposing angels patiently looked to God, their black wings resting like sleeping breaths. God moved. The white winged angels began to notice their mass changing. They began to feel heavier. The black winged angels stood aghast, faces questioning God’s judgment. God answered their faces saying, 
“I did not punish your brothers. I rewarded them. They understand conquest. They must see it in me. Yet, they do not see all. You, my dark winged ones, see my heart. You see more than my ego. Your white winged brothers have not seen enough of my love so I must reward them with wisdom. Their wings are not gone, they are just invisible. They did put on a little weight, though. Its their quantified ego added to their souls. Thats why you feel heavy white ones. Your wings are still there, you must now work harder to fly. You must understand that my heart is always love before anything else. Believe you can fly though you cannot see your wings. And dark ones, you too are rewarded with love. Help your brothers believe what they cannot see. Teach them how to fly again that they may love the ground as much as the air. Help them be able to see there is no love in conquest, only ego. And to answer the question, I created humanity because I needed to believe in My love.” 

Thank You

To everyone who has followed and/or liked even one of my posts, thank you. I truly appreciate your positive reactions to my art. Poetry is truly a gift to me, it has become my spirituality. So again, thank you.

And to those who’ve commented, you hold a special place in this little poet’s heart because you were moved enough to start a dialogue with me. My writing is the way I communicate. I never intended for it to be a one-way conversation. 

Thank you good people. 

For The People Who Grew

​I became that I am

Over time. I was always 

This person,

I did not change, I grew.

I am the boy now

I was the man then

The tree is the sapling

Just as the sapling is the tree

And a catepillar 

is a butterfly with imaginary wings

And a diamond with flaws

Is still a precious gem 

And women are ladies

No matter the length of their hem

We are that we are going to be

I will be who I am. Existential me.