9-24-16 Read at The Artist Bloc 

​To Erykah 
You bad, u

Bad, u so bad

You renamed your kah

That soul fly free

Your soul fly free

Your soul so bad u

Got a window seat

To a conscious God

So you go on

Being woman

You go on 

Being human 

You go on

Being clever 

And keep on listenin

To old school funk

Yet singing like future

& apple trees & hip hop

Your soul bops

Like church deacons

During prayer

But your voice bad

U, u, got sumn extra

U got sumn special 

You got sumn wright

You got Seven Mars-Pumas

You named ’em 

To rename themselves 

I see you, and girl

U just bad, u just

This somethin a poet 

Got to write about

Cuz you been my muse

Since like 2007

And that’s the name if your sun,

And my freedom, was born 

’round 2011

I rhyme using numbers

I’m a real bad poet

But i’m BAD at math

Took me bout X-yrs

To realize $3.60 = 360°

The number of completion

Just like the number 7-

The name of your son!

Damn, I am a genius. 

Men from Mars, we so strange…

But women are Earths. 

They God’s creatures like mountain lions=

A silent puma that jumps over 7ft high

That’s a complete circle = Cypher = the name of my kitten

360°= a complete circle

Gotdamn I’m doin math!

These words be Mathematics

Christ’s tomb be the “rolling stone”

God Born (Jaborn) be the God-

You named God in your song!

Going “On & On”!

Yall, she just might be a prophet-

Tess. Yes, that minus “Tess”

I had enough room to say “prophetess”

But I said she might be a PROPHET

Peace and blessings

Do manifest with every lesson learned 

And my knowledge is my wealth

And i studied, so my wealth is earned

That’s a part of the life I’ve lived

And on & on and on & on just ‘is’

And God knows God manifesting

That’s right, “peace and blessings”

Like one day I’ma be on “Rolling Stone”

Be manifesting

These still be mathematics

She sick with these numbers,

That’s why she bad and ill-matic


Be an equation

But we did not do our math

That’s why she laughed!

Ya’ll she bad, u just didn’t get it

And she my mother

I’m her son. 7 is the number of completion. This year I’m 27. 

The evidence goes on & on

I’m a man, we from Mars. My best friend Lant, Brown Venus, be like my sister. 

We both love this poetry-she jump high, bout 7ft,

(That must be the “meters”)

Poetry = just like a “puma”

Girl, Erykah, we be your children

In another lifetime! Girl, damn,

We already living! 

If you read this poem,

I bet i’ll sound just like your son

And my “mama” be like your mama. 

And this poem so devine, like Loretta

This my poetry! Turns out i’m great at math!

I’m really bad = OneVoice Ill-Matic 


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