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​Now I’ve been told my passion 

For poetry tends to inspire 

So maybe I should speak to the poets 

And be the wick, this poem be the fire

To set ablaze every stage on the page

I’m writing nicely but inside I’m enraged

I love poetry so much I’d rather be paid

To share my gift, punch my fist

My people did not begin as slaves.

I’m writing simply, please don’t be amazed

I do even better than this stage

I got pages waiting for me, when I write,

My God!, I praise. Multiplied my talent

I did the math so now my question’s valid

What’s the purpose Whats the purpose

I know yall never heard this never heard this

I’m a scholar and an artist

a prophet and an author

These aren’t punchlines, they’re my truth

Been a poet since early youth

But I knew I had something to prove

I’m rhyming for the rhythm 

Creating music with my words 

I’m an artist and a scholar

I’m prolific if you consider my words 

I’m gifted, I manipulate verbs into nouns

I explain why ciphers go on and on

Transcribe why Mary kept going down

I write like God wrote salvation on sin

Consider the words: God is a poet. 

I’m humbled to be God’s pen.


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