Read at The Artist Bloc 9-9-16 (video coming soon)

​I wait to see a Blockbuster film 

where the teenage protagonist 

helps a struggling father get peace

by writing a poem so moving 

the landlord signs over the deed 

so long as that young poet

Calls him on the first to read

Another poem ’bout a love so deep

The landlord has to contemplate the land,

Considers the words in the poem

And realizes he owns his acres secondhand

‘Cause the poet’s voice resembles

his grandma reading “Footprints In The Sand”

Which reminds him of his slaveowning grandpa

Who purchased people like people purchase land

So who is he to charge per acre

What is owed to every man?

The pursuit of happiness not the Ideals of capitalists. 

School has to TEACH us to understand

That freedom is synonymous with wealth;

The change exchanged from hand to hand

All this in a poem. He loved the art

And how it inspired him to understand

That poetry’s a divine language,

A burdensome gift from God to man

This is the triumph I want to see

On the big screen, yes, I demand

New voices to write what they see and

how they speak– all for which they stand! 

King David was a poet. God’s heart. Now…I understand. 

A sinner man “after God’s own heart”, 

He sought God in the gift written by his own hand. 

God so loved David despite his sin

because He, too, killed a righteous man. 

Reminiscent of God sacrificing His son

To leave those “footprints in the sand”.

Such a beautiful film, too bad its a poem.

True Art: historically censored OnDemand. 


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