#ConsiderTheWords “Surgical Approach To Poetry”

Don’t just watch the video.
Consider the words…

My mastery
Is the appendectomy
Of the appendix
That is to say,
The useful
additional information
To help you understand
The thesis in each poem.
I construct
With intent.
Frugal with words,
A mere complement
To my ability
To communicate
Artistically, meaning
As in, “to all”
I do this in my sleep
I write this poem
In less than 10 minutes
It takes me less than
1/10th of a second
To consider a sentence
And how it will
Convey meaning
To you, the reader
Or listener. The audience.
You cannot applaud
my true mastery.
It’s at the end
Of this collection
Of poetry
I’ve been writing
My whole life
Poem by poem
I impersonate voices
Acting out character
analyses of poets
I respect
I’m not finished yet.
I’m revising while writing
Both literally and figuratively.
To understand my proficiency
You’d have to open your mind
Like the sky
I naturally think
As deeply as others think
While high
I’m writing this poem
Yet seeing through your
Collective eye.
They couldn’t teach me
I was born with that
In the same way
I was born gay
And economically Black
Its astronomical that
Constellations aligned
For me to be born Black
Gay, male, and all that.
Perception matters.
But do you see
The genius
Once the words
Are considered?
Genius is more Common
Than the evidence delivered.
The evidence is explained
By someone’s interpretation.
Colleagues challenge the thoughts,
Try to focus on facts.
They try so hard but
There’s one thing they all lack:
The ability to see the world
In a movie that’s all Black.
They understand “matter”
But consistently
Negate the understanding
When the movement is Black!
Perception matters!
It’s a method of science.
I’ve mastered poetry
You can tell by my defiance.
This is a surgical poem.
Remember? An appendectomy.
The appendix is a metaphor
For my “mastery”.
Two definitions.
I’m working with both.
Most genius is simple,
Like trusting God’s Ghost.


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