When Facebook Statuses Turn Into Realizing Your Mother Really Might Be Erykah Badu – In Another Lifetime (aka Poetic SLAY)

#ConsiderTheWords  “To Erykah (Written Freestyle)” from a FB Status

You bad, u
Bad, u so bad
You renamed your kah
That soul fly free
Your soul fly free
Your soul so bad u
Got a window seat
To a conscious God
So you go on
Being woman
You go on
Being human
You go on
Being clever
And keep on listenin
To old school funk
Yet singing like future
& apple trees & hip hop
Your soul bops
Like church deacons
During prayer
But your voice bad
U, u, got sumn extra
U got sumn special
You got sumn wright
You got Seven-Mars-Puma
You named ’em
To rename themselves
I see you, and girl
U just bad, u just
This somethin a poet
Got to write about
Cuz you been my muse
Since like 2007
And that’s the name if your sun,
And my freedom, was born
’round 2011
I rhyme using numbers
I’m a real bad poet
But i’m BAD at math
Took me bout Xyrs
To realize $3.60 = 360°
A number of completion
Just like the number 7-
The name of your son!
Damn, I am a genius.
Men from Mars, we so strange…
But women are Earths.
They God’s creatures like mountain lions=
A silent puma that jumps over 7ft high
That’s a complete circle= a cipher=
Cypher be the name of my baby cat
360°= a complete circle
Gotdamn I’m doin math!
These words be Mathematics
Christ’s tomb be the “rolling stone”
God Born (Jaborn) be the God-
You named God in your song!
Going “On & On”!
Yall, she just might be a prophet-
tess. Yes, read that: minus “tess”
I had enough room to say “prophetess”
But I said she might be a PROPHET
Peace and blessings
Do manifest with every lesson learned
And my knowledge is my wealth
And i studied, my wealth be earned
That’s all part of the life I’ve lived
And on & on and on & on just ‘is’
And God knows God manifesting
That’s right, “peace and blessings”
Like one day I’ma be on “Rolling Stone”
Be manifesting
These still be mathematics
She sick with these numbers,
That’s why she bad and ill-matic
“Illmatic” be an equation
But we did not do our math
That’s why she laughed!
Ya’ll she bad, u just didn’t get it
And she my mother
I’m her son. 7 is the number of completion.
This year I’m 27.
The evidence goes on & on
I’m a man, we from Mars.
My best friend, Lant (Brown Venus)
be like my sister.
We both love poetry-she jump high, bout 7ft,
(That must be the “meters”)
Poetry = just like a “puma”
Girl, Erykah, we be your children
In another lifetime!
Girl, damn, we already living!
If you read this poem,
I bet i’ll sound just like your son
And my “mama” be like your mama.
And this poem so devine, like Loretta
This my poetry! Turns out, mama, i’m great at math!
“I’m really bad” = OneVoice Ill-Matic

(Then my cypher continues…)
Yooooo. I JUST wrote this! And i SIMULTANEOUSLY did the math! And this is my answer. I did the work. I studied. I asked for help. And Erykah Badu was my professor. See, I’m still doing math. But letters, these letters be my numbers. Tell me this shit, that is THIS POEM, ain’t BAD as FUCK! That ain’t profanity. It’s just a form of expression. In English. Just like “What’s up?”. Don’t be mad cuz I said “bad as fuck”, it’s just an expression. I speak Ebonically, but ya’ll i SWEAR I’m a genius. This MY poetry!

I’m already famous if yall…My Facebook FRIENDS and other social media buddies actually take the time to read posts that ring of poetry! Appreciate the piece of ART for what it is. Because just because you can’t eat my words at no celebration, my poetry looks, sound, feel, smell, taste just as good as my partner Justin Tyler ‘s cakes. These words make your ass think. And ya’ll LOVE to think. That’s why you use social media. You can laugh, cry, vibe to more than just music. You can go “YAZZZZZZZZ” over these words just like you go “YAZZZZZZ” when Beyonce slay. Poets being slaying for decades. But we dob’t always #ConsiderTheWords and how talented someone has to be to manipulate them in a way that hip hops, that Beethovens, that preaches, that calms, that teaches, and so on and so on…just like Erykah Badu’s song. Tell me that me just flowing as I write aint BAD as fuck? Silent. Without a beat. Poet’s do this shit like Beyonce slays…or Ledisi…or Adele…or Chris Brown…or J Cole…or Kendrick…mor Taylor Swift…or Maroon 5…or Frank Ocean…Or Rihanna…or Drake…or Future…or 2 Chains…go support the arts! Don’t WAIT until we get famous. Get us while we are local! While we are accessible and more in touch with the people. If you support us…like we do celebrities, will BE famous…and artists, especially any operating in any aspect of poetry, originality, creativity, professionalism, let’s actively work (like we do at these jobs) at the DEVELOPMENT of our crafts. It’s okay to take workshops. Get “vocal” coaches. Collaborate. It’s okay to barter. As well as exchange currency. It’s okay to be as real as we are in our art. As FREEDOM as we are in our art. I may only be speaking to the introverts but we can’t let our insecurities, fears, ego trips, misconceptions keep us suppressed. We gotta go get it like the extroverts. And sometimes we need tutoring or a team mate or a coach or a mentor or a teacher.

Artists we must invest in every way possible. Audience who “like” posts gotta invest in simply doing what they do everyday…share, like, comment. Celebrities are due their attention. But the celebrities in the making, who have familiar values, are starving, not from money cuz WE WORK, but we are starving for the support of those who always get so FREELY what we value most…our art. When we love something or someone we got follow that up with a verb. Some form of action. A genuine action. Let’s ler all this love we’ve encountered stretch until it busts these chains on the people, we the people, us, alla us who share dreams of autonomy, independence, freedom, change, in any and every way…let’s go for it. Let’s gain access into the system and share how to work it to your benefit. To everyone’s benefit. Because we can do more than the expected….we can fly. If we just spread our wings. Love.


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