#ConsiderTheWords “Chains Cannot Be ‘Broken’ “

Unexpectedly, I’m
Stretching chains to their limit, not breaking
Their structure. Expecting

The snap-clang of chains breaking but never
To witness it=insane.
Chains cannot be “broken”

Brokenness is the wrong word for chains—change
“break to “bust”. In order
To “break” chains restricting you, you must stretch

so big they grow beyond
Their structure, to the point, the chain (or change)
busts; meaning it stretches

Beyond its limits. It
“Busts” from the pressure it inadequately contained.
Black folk…,we’ve been restrained.

In order to attain
“change” we have to change our structure; stretch–
Give the system’s pressure

So we can BUST out these
chains. Then we can BREAK Inequality’s
system. Which isn’t a chain.

Inequality is
a system and systems break. Because their
structure’s comprised of change.

Change’s a system composed
Of chains. Chains are comprised of “a system
of circles linking”.

Together they strengthen
The structure they were designed to contain.

Stronger as a collective. Links of chains:
stronger together. We then
be the pressure needed

Needed to change systems
(Composed of links forming a structure meant
To contain the masses,

who designed it, to restrain specific
masses being studied).
Change’s a system comprised

Of chains. We can break systems by BUSTING
chains. Study the language;
Structr’ally supportive

systems which mistranslate
the word: “Equal”, choosing words like “Man” when
‘man’ really refers to

mankind. In other words,
“humans” In other words, ‘people’= links in
a chain, make systems like

“Change”. Chains can’t be broken
because of how they are made. Come on, my
People, let’s BUST our chains.


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