Revelations 3-7-16

Y’all DO realize that you can leave if you are unhappy, right? That if that significant other isn’t treating you as if you’re significant and continues refusing to communicate about how you’ve been feeling, that you can disengage from that relationship? Primarily because that relationship is harming the peace that you deserve to have in your life.

You do realize that you are a whole person without another individual beside you? You are a full moon without the attentions of the sun. You rotate on your own axis. You attract the ocean. You bring both rest and unrest when night falls. You knew that, already? Didn’t you?

You do recognize that love doesn’t have to be bogged down by resentment and dishonesty? You have seen that constantly inflicting pain on a loved one can break a person? You don’t want that for yourself. You can’t. Because loving someone does not mean it’s healthy or desirable to allow yourself to be humiliated or unappreciated or mistreated by that same someone. You can love them and yourself enough to remove your head from that particular guillotine. You have to know you are powerful, you have to be. Simply because you are you. And that’s the one thing no one else can EVER be. If any particular person can’t perceive that and be moved by it then that particular person does not deserve your presence. They don’t deserve your loyalty and dedication. They don’t deserve your life. Take it back. Take back your life. It doesn’t have to be filled with hurt, negativity  and uncertainty.

Your life does not have to be draining or terrorizing or tear inducing. Not because of a man or woman in your house wreaking havoc with your sense of being. Not because of an individual who hasn’t considered your feelings in a ridiculous amount of time after you’ve cried your heart out to them explaining how their actions hurt you. Your life doesn’t have to replay these reruns. Your heart is not in syndication, there are no royalties to collect. Cancel the show. Write something new. Find a better, more gifted leading man or lady and make the show go on. Because y’all don’t have to love someone so much that you make your life harder than its already promised to be. You can stop that. No one else will.

Rakeem ‘OneVoice’ Person
UNCG Alumni
BA in Religious Studies
Minor in English


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