To Any One Who Has Suffered Loss

Hold your head up, my friend. Let the tears fall. Allow the memories to fill you with as much joy or pain that you can handle at the moment. Remember.

The memories are, in essence, a part of the spirit that was able to traverse on this plane. You are not broken. You are not lost. You are a vessel, now, for the spirit that has moved on to another plane of existence.

Remembering is an integral part of the healing. Carry that spirit with you and let it resonate within your own journey. No matter the form of loss; a break up, a death, a change of location, a change of personality due to illness or growing pains. Keep it and let it soothe, let it empower, let it be a momento of a past adventure that you were able to survive and tell the tale.

There are times when the loss may be senseless and you will struggle to grasp it in your mind. You will try your hardest to understand and make sense of a seemingly senseless thing. Do not be consumed by this higher function of our brain. This is the time to be rudimentary. This is your chance to be human and animal, to be finite and infinite, to be strong and vulnerable. This is not the end of your world. Keep revolving. Keep spinning on your axis, even if the tilt seems to reel in a direction that leaves you a little disoriented. It will not last forever.

The course that you were on will align again in time. The course will feel natural again. The path will become clear soon and it will even be lined with breathtaking sights along the way. You are not lost. You have encountered loss. This is not the end. This is the continuation.

Remember. Revolve. Proceed. I repeat, you are not lost. 


Rakeem ‘OneVoice’ Person
UNCG Alumni
BA in Religious Studies
Minor in English


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