If You’re Gonna Be Black…

Rachel Dolezal, the lady who pretended to be Black and was a leader of a chapter of the NAACP, poses for the cover of Vanity Fair [not Ebony, eye roll] and states that she still identifies as African-American according to lovebscott.


When the story first broke, I was not put off by a White woman working for the NAACP. No, no. That was not the issue. No, Dolezal faked hate mail. Dolezal denied the fact that she was born from White parents. She lied. That was the issue.


Now, all I have to say is this:

If you are going to identify as Black you better do more than wear some braids and go for a weekly tan or add a few pounds of fat to your behind or bump the latest hip hop album or punch your fist in the air and gyrate your hips TO THE BEAT. No, baby girl. It’s more than that. Far more. Because the real is, you ain’t Black.

That’s right. You ain’t Black. You are playing pretend. If you identify with being Black, then identify with the struggles but see, she’s can’t really because she is White and she looks like it. She cannot pass for Black. Not now especially. Don’t fake hate mail or hate crimes, Rach. That isn’t helpful at all. Don’t impede the movement.
Understand your place and it isn’t in the line at your local fried chicken joint.

Unless there is such a thing as transracialism, you are an adult playing pretend and nitpicking at how you see a culture through blue eyes and adopting what you like and ignoring what you don’t like. Therein lies the problem. I could (if it weren’t for male pattern baldness) grow some locks, listen to Bob Marley, and light up a forest on my patio but none of that will make me Jamaican. That’s just my perception of it (theoretically speaking).  Odds are, I’d just end up black facing a culture. That’s the danger.

I’m not here to bash the woman though. I mean, who am I to tell her who she relates to the most? But the facts are the facts. They went for Michael Jackson and they go for Rachel, Ms. Dolezal if you’re nasty, too.

One last thing to Rachel Dolezal; your ‘Black’ ain’t beautiful because your ‘Black’ just ain’t Black.


Rakeem ‘OneVoice’ Person
UNCG Alumni
BA in Religious Studies
Minor in English


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