Famous Ladies Take It Back On The Matter Of Bill Cosby

I know y’all have heard about it. Bill Cosy allegedly (but now admittedly) drugging and raping several women who, within the past year or so, no longer wanted to keep it a shameful secret. They realized where the shame belonged: on the rapist.

Admittedly, I wasn’t initially sold on Mr. Cosby actually committing the heinous acts. Judge me at your leisure. But I wasn’t. Not at first. But woman after woman started adding to the pot and suddenly the benefit of the doubt didn’t seem all that beneficial to the survivors.

Now the topic, from a social media point of view, is old news. But the crazy thing is, these allegations weren’t as novel as they seemed.  Even the animated series Black Dynamite included it into their storyline.

I honestly thought it was going to court and if convicted, Bill would serve time or something. On a recent episode of The View though, a legal whiz by the name of Dan Abrams broke it down for the hostesses and the viewers. Whoopi was taken aback to say the least. Below is a tidbit from lovebscott.com:image

Essentially good ol Dan informed us all that there is a statute of limitations on rape cases and the Cosby case is outside of that statute. No justice, no peace, right?

I mean, come on. I heard on the radio and social media outlets that Bill admitted to the acts. Although his wife, ever oblivious, didn’t take his confession seriously. She said something along the lines of the women consented to being drugged and sexed. I think the masses all gave her a collective blank stare.

C’mon Camille. We know that’s your husband and all but you have to call a spade a spade especially when the card in question confesses to being a spade.

Whoopi Goldberg did not so much as defend him, though. She was more neutral with a slight lean towards Cosby. Mainly, she believed in “innocent until proven guilty”. She did not want to take down a pop icon and a Black hero (who was actually a villain with a funny voice) without proof. Last I counted, 13 women were all touching and agreeing on one commonality: Bill Cosby, the man (not the lovable father on syndicated television) violated them.

Jill Scott also had to recant. She, too, admitted she fell victim to hero worship and fandom and did not want to feed into the hype. That’s not a direct quote people, just a synopsis.

I wonder if pseudo wife Phylicia Rashad will do the honorable thing and back pedal on her statements as well. Black women clearly support black men but we aren’t going to get into the contrary at this time.

What was the problem though? If it wasn’t Bill Cosby but a younger celebrity like Malcolm Jamal Warner, would the records still have played the same way? What if the accused had been a rapper or not a celebrity at all and multiple women called him out for his sins?
What if it was Bill Cosby fifty years ago, then what?

Personally, I was struck by it being Bill Cosby. We do fall victim, if we are not careful, to making the character the person. But I did not assert that any of the women were lying. I did not cast an opinion one way or another because, like Whoopi, I wanted evidence (as if multiple survivor accounts are not enough). I think we hope atrocious things aren’t committed by people we love, either fantastically or in the real world. Not too many people are going to agree that their favorite cousin, or best friend, did something so vile especially if the loved one denies it. But honestly, why wouldn’t he deny it? Celeb or not, people have brands they want to keep on the up and up.

Then, what about the victims or the survivors? What about the ridicule they face for speaking the truth? What about the fact that they had that truth to speak in the first place? What do they gain? We are all conspiracy theorists, at least superficially. We’d rather indulge in the theory than the reality that someone we held on a pedestal never deserved it in the first place.

On the other hand, people do lie. People do target people for various reasons, financial gain being the most common. So what are spectators to do? Wait for justice? Justice is an elusive bugger though, I tell you that. Statutes and limitations and loop holes can steal justice away just as easily as a payoff…if not more so.

Bill made choices. Those were his choices to make at the expense of other human beings. We cannot protect him from that. We cannot alienate the brave souls who seek some sort of justice. There is no statute of limitations on trauma. As the old saying goes, you can’t please everybody. And you can’t punish everybody either no matter how much they deserve it apparently.


2 thoughts on “Famous Ladies Take It Back On The Matter Of Bill Cosby

  1. I appreciate you standing in solidarity with the victims. Analyses like these are what will help dismantle rape culture by telling victims that they matter and that they will not be swept under carpet just because their abuser is rich and famous and male.

    Btw, the count of victims with stories about Bill Cosby has increased significantly since it was 13. I have counted 36 so far. It’s a sad, disgusting thing.

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    1. Wow. Thats effin ridiculous! I 36? He is or was at least a sociopath with that many nunbers. Its serial rape. And then u got songs like Rick Ross’s “UONENO” or however u spell it celebrating rape. Like fa real?

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