Miguel Speaks Out On His Musical Superiority to Frank Ocean

Here we go with another celebrity who enjoys the taste of their on feet. On my birthday, July 6, beloved blogger and self-proclaimed “Multi Media Maven”, B Scott posted an article on his entertainment blog site lovebscott.com with quotes from a recent Sunday Times article where R&B singer, Miguel states that he “makes better music than Grammy Award Winning Frank Ocean. Full quote from Sunday Times pictures below from billboard.com:

Shortly after, Miguel seems to recant his previous statements in the news article with a fluffy Instagram comment. B Scott was so kind as to provide the quote on his site.


I call bull swanky, to borrow a phrase from R&B Diva Leela James. We have two different men here. One, a victim of hubris. The other, a welcoming humble man. First impressions are the most notable, right? Unfortunately, they are both too memorable.

Miguel went so far as to say, in the first version of himself, that he and Frank “are not friends”. Is that a statement to make himself feel better about his true feelings? Perhaps. One thing I know is that Frank Ocean was awarded a Grammy in 2013 for Best Urban Contemporary Album for that year according to grammy.com. Miguel was also in the same category. However, Miguel did not walk away empty handed. His highly adored single “Adorn” won Best R&B Song for that same year.

So, are these statements the salty remnants of that Grammy “loss”? I’d bet a few bucks on that being the case if i had the funds to spare.

Now, my question is, what is the measure of “better” music? What are the criteria that Miguel is basing this inflated statement on? What does it mean to be better? Do awards define the music? I would like to think not. Plenty of great music misses the ears of the committee that nominates as well as the committee that awards (I am honestly not sure if the two differ).

Why hold on to that loss and disrespect a fellow artist at the same time? We aren’t talking 16 bars and East Coast/West Coast beef here. This is R&B, man. Its primarily about the love. Has Joe ever felt the need to dismiss the work that Tank does just to scratch an old scab? Come on.

Being competitive isn’t the worst thing you can be but why at the sacrifice of artistic respect? Why does one have to be better than the other?

Surely you can toot your own horn without plugging up your peers. Humility is a virtue here. And that brings me to the second version of Miguel whom Instagram witnessed.

If you make a statement and truly believe it, stand by it. You can’t be too worried about being PC (that’s ‘politically correct’ for those who didn’t know). If political correctness was the goal that goal was missed completely in the actual article. So now i am wondering which guy is the real Miguel? Or maybe they both are one in the same. We all feel ourselves a little more than we should every once in a while. Riiiiight.

Frank Ocean’s debut album “Channel Orange” was musical and lyrical genius. Don’t deny that. And whether or not the Grammy Nazis recognized that would not have changed that fact. On the other hand, that is not to say that Miguel’s album was hash tag: less than.

Honestly, I have not listened to Miguel’s music in its entirety. Most of what I hear, though, is great R&B music. It’s love and sex and heartbreak. Everything that R&B has been from its dawning. Miguel gives us what the genre demands. Frank Ocean gave what the genre wasn’t expecting. From the complex musical production, to the rawness of economic truths, to sex, to love, to same sex confessions in a very honest display of musical talent and human vulnerability. Any talented musician can bring us the expected riffs, runs, and journeys. Not everyone does it as well as Miguel and I would never try to take that from him (unlike some people). But, and the but is very obtrusive and big, not every musician can bring the lyrical intricacies and musical vulnerability that Frank Ocean gave us. Does that mean his music is better? I wouldn’t think so. It just makes his music an extension of him. It makes him unique. It makes him an artist just like Miguel. Every artist has their strengths and weaknesses and various nuances for all the other facets that go into the craft and the rendering of that craft.

Basically, all I am saying is hubris isn’t attractive and it can also get you in undesirable situations, i.e. all of the above.  Hubris is like kicking a fan in the face at a performance. I’m honestly not sure how they are alike. I mainly just wanted to remind us all of that epic fail of Miguel’s. Childish, I know.


6 thoughts on “Miguel Speaks Out On His Musical Superiority to Frank Ocean

  1. I definitely agree with your point. Many artists can riff and run, but how many can capture a moment. Ocean’s music is very unique and I appreciate his boldness in stepping out with his own musical identity during a time where “cookie cutterness” reigns supreme.


  2. I saw the video of Miguel saying he was a better artist and it truly made me believe he has some personal issue with Frank, unbeknownst to us. The video also recalls that Miguel ( along with Chris Brown) did not stand up when Frank won in 2013. He was asked by TMZ if he would take that back if he had a do-over [since it IS poor sportsmanship]. Miguel offered a haughty “no”. I was surprised by that for a second, but then I remembered that Miguel is the same artist who said black people don’t support him enough in a Twitter rant a couple years ago even though Black people are the reason he got to the Grammy’s. I know ya’ll remember Kelly Clarkson’s white behind didnt even have a clue who he was that night and I wouldnt be surprised if a lot of other white people didnt know then either. Long story short, it seems Miguel has been an ass and we’re just now getting truly tuned to that. It’s a shame. He makes such great music. Talent is decent (great, actually) but it’s the character that REALLY helps you in the longrun. Ask ANY 90’s artist that isnt still popping now: You can be as talented as you wanna be and STILL fall off (ie. Sisqo). Miguel better watch his mouth.


    1. Exactly! He so busy kicking convert goers in the face and hating that he need to stay motivated. U aint gonna always shine. It can hurt ur little feelings but i bet Frank didn’t even have a Grammy in mind when he crafted the album. Bc it was the same frank ocean in Channel Orange as it was in Nostalgia and the Lonny Breaux collection. He just gave us more carefully cobstructed music. He gave us him. He wasn’t playing around. Respect it man. Respect it bc that Grammy from 2013 aint going to his hands. Smh

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  3. You already know how I feel. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Miguel’s first album. But nowhere near as much as I love nostalgia.ultra and channel orange. Miguel is popular and He’s produced more albums but that doesn’t make him the better artist. Lyrically speaking, nobody in R&B is fucking with Frank Ocean. Period. Nobody can evoke the feelings in me that Frank Ocean does. I think Miguel’s comments are petty lol. He seems hurt both by the fact that he lost to Mr. Ocean and that they don’t have a good working relationship. Ultimately I think they occupy different musical spaces. I think they have different goals that they are trying to achieve and different approaches to achieving those goals. There is no competition because they’re not on the same plane. Miguel is high school level r&b. Frank Ocean is ph.d level r&b.

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    1. Right. When i first read the comments…i was like…are yall even in the same category? Why this random comparison? I would have thought August Alsina or Chris Brown or one of these other cats who just try to produce hits. But then i saw the stuff abt the Grammy win for Frank and was like “Oh, thats why he mad”. Lol Frank Ocean is a musical savant. Period. Nothing else sounds like him.


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